Refund Policy

Any non-delivered order is applicable for a refund upon request of the purchaser. If any order fails order verification, a complete refund will be issued to the buyer within 24 hours. Once receiving your order and viewing your product key there are absolutely no refunds. The delivered product is guaranteed to be exactly as described and in working condition, if your delivered product is not as described or not in working condition, email within 72 hours of delivery. In the case that your delivered product is not as described or not in working condition, a full refund will be issued for the full purchase amount.
If customer makes payment using PayPal, coupon will be released only once PayPal releases payment, if PayPal holds the payment then payment will be refunded to customer and coupon will not be released.
If customer makes payment using credit card/debit card ,then customer agrees to provide identification like customer national identity card, statement of card through which payment done etc. The data will be scrapped immediately after verification and it will be provided to bank or payment processor if required.
Coupon will be released immediately for bit coin payment.
Wire transfer accepted and bank details will be provided as per customer demand.
Refund is applicable if card is unused at all. Balance will be refunded after the verification.
Refund is applicable for 72 hours, if coupon returned within 72 hours so complete refund will be provided.
For claiming the refund, go to you orders and a refund button would be visible there if the product is delivered. Click that refund button and enter all the details. You will receive an email from the customer care department.

NOTE: For Companies exchanges requests. Any order which is considered with the Payment processor or us to be a Money Laundry action or activity, there will be no refunds and your account and purchased amount will be held and blocked for investigation with Legal terms and with the cooperation with Payment Processor.