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About Wikypay

Welcome To Wikypay, The Worldwide Online shop. Established in 2009. To serve the technology field in the Worldwide community. Our main purpose is to provide Online Game Service and Internet payment solution to our clients in the world .We specialize in the digital distribution of pre-paid game card products and pc games. With online delivery we save our customers time and money. Our mission is to provide a secure and efficient platform to purchase digital goods, we guarantee our customers will be completely satisfied with our highest quality service. If something ever goes wrong, we will not rest until we’ve made it right.
Being a service-orientated company, we aim to satisfy the needs of every level of the gaming community, from the power gamers, to the casual players to the new gamers. To side step the necessity of farming which is recognized as a large time sink, we offer virtual currency packages covering a wide range of servers. Power leveling packages for the gamers who wishes to play at the level his or her friends has reached. Subscription codes and virtual item mall credits are also available at our store, gamers getting into a new game can purchase the sign up codes at a touch of a button. With the services we provide to the gaming community, gamers can now choose to avoid the usual grit and grind while being able to advance and enjoy the game content.

To lead the region towards a cashless lifestyle, where it is easy for anyone to make a safe and secure payment through digitalized currency.

To provide simple, safe and innovative mobilized solutions to manage consumers’ day-to-day paying needs.